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All Natural Organic

All Natural Organic

Herbal Pedicures :

Why Herbal?

Derived from natural sources, our signature herbal pedicures embrace the ancient practices of aromatherapy. Through the use of essential oils and natural plant products herbal pedicures are meant to soften, moisturize, improve circulation, improve mood, as well as enhance ones health. Aromatherapy is considered a form of alternative medicine. It has been reported to be soothing as well as enhance one’s body function and speed up repair. It is believed that the herbs properties helps one relax and thus causes the brain to releases endorphins or feel good hormones, that actually help with pain relief. With the combination of oils and herbs and an extended gentle leg and feet massage; this pedicure is fit for royalty.

What’s Included?

Our herbal pedicure includes soaking of ones feet in the aroma/therapy of choice, followed by treatment of the nails and cuticles. The heals are then softened with a pumice stone followed by a essential oil infused special base that exfoliates naturally while leaving the skin supple and soft. Then with a combination of vitamin-enriched mask and dried herbs skin is whisked away of impurities & the skin and preps the skin for the absorption of the essential oils. The pedicure is then finished with massage oils and massage lotions that are also infused with essential oils, and a hot towel wrap.

Choose from a variety of essential oils and herbs. Each herb/oil has its own properties; choose the right one that fits you!! (max 2 herbs 2 oils; everyone after that is extra $3)

Feel free to mix and match your own or choose from our pre-tested recipes
***Description of each on next page.